International Travel & Medical Insurance

Our expertise and experience allows us to find the most efficient and appropriate solution for our members, allowing them to enjoy the highest level of service.

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Assistance Services

  • International toll-free number
  • Accessible 24/7 x 365 days
  • Multi-lingual staff
  • Medical staff including two full-time Medical Directors

International provider network for cashless treatment

  • Over 10,000 providers in 200 countries
  • Access to preferred medical providers via the internet
  • Comprehensive discounting arrangements with medical providers

Pay & claim process

  • Electronic submission of claim documents
  • Assured turnaround time of 10 days
  • E-mail update on claim status
  • Payments in currency of member's choice and at location chosen by member
  • Ex-gratia payments in exceptional and deserving cases

Special services:

  • Embassy & Consulate referrals (passports)
  • Currency & cash advance
  • Emergency reunion & return of minors (children)
  • Real-time updates with global news alerts, health, travel & security information,
    country profiles, etc., for global travellers
  • Coverage for travel outside of the base location for either business or pleasure

Members' personalised login:

  • Secure access: username and password through e-mail
  • Members can easily access all information pertaining to their policy
  • Communicate with the various support services at Mayfair via
    the e-mail links provided

Our corporate clients enjoy the following advantages:

Customised plans

  • Plan for both short-term travel and long term deputations
  • Country-specific plans to meet local regulations
  • Common plans covering both expat and local residents
  • Highly competitive rates due to our large volumes and special relationship with underwriters

International pooling

  • Multiple policies worldwide would be considered as a single book to give the client company the advantages of economies of scale

Customised account management

  • Membership management and invoicing designed to suit the client's needs
  • Flexibility to centralise or decentralise the account management
  • Facility for online management of membership with access to membership reports
  • Facility for the seamless integration of the Mayfair website with the client's database
  • Dedicated membership management team
  • Customised membership management and claims reports

Some Typical Plans & Products

Our innovative approach to policy design and administration procedures have made us pioneers within the industry. With such extensive knowledge of the market, Mayfair is able to leverage its clients' premiums to the best advantage of all concerned

  • Mayfair Short-Term Travel Plans
    This is a short-term plan that is suitable for short-term travel of less than 90 days. It is applicable worldwide.
  • Mayfair Long-Term Travel Plans
    For longer than 90 days.
  • Premium FulHealth Plans
    Plans for Expatriates and their families who are on overseas secondment for extended periods, generally longer than 12 months.
  • Country Specific Plans
    Many countries such as the UK, Australia, Germany, USA, the Netherlands and Switzerland have local legislative requirements for medical insurance coverage of non-citizens who are working locally. Mayfair has extensive experience in all such geographies and can tailor plans to meet all applicable government regulations.

International Plans for small groups

Ideal for companies with 5-50 employees deployed outside of there home country.

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Mayfair offers some unique plan features for small groups

  • A range of flexible plan packages to choose from for short term and long term deputations
  • Comprehensive cover includes cancer, transplants, chronic ailments, dental, vision, routine care, out-patient care, etc.
  • Cover for outpatient, maternity, dental, etc.
  • User friendly claims processing options – cashless service and reimbursement options.
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Travel Guides

In order to protect your most valuable asset and fulfill relevant duty of care obligations, it is important your team around the world has access to the most relevant and practical travel advice.

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In order to protect your most valuable asset and fulfill relevant duty of care obligations, it is important your team around the world has access to the most relevant and practical travel advice. This can be as part of pre-deployment briefings or an on-going flow of information for long-term assignees. Anything from tips on cultural dos and don'ts to what part of town to avoid at night is covered by our comprehensive travel guides.

Security Services

Mayfair has partnered with AKE Group, the world leaders in providing intelligence and security solutions to corporate travellers. AKE Group's expertise makes them an ideal partner and provider to our members.

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The key areas of services offered are shown below:

  • Crisis Management System
    AKE is one of the few risk mitigation companies, globally recognised by insurers and underwriters (a sector notoriously risk aware and averse), as experts to advise organisations on how best to structure their crisis management systems, and thereby be able to effectively manage any crisis that the company might face.
  • Response
    AKE is well practised in deploying and responding to client needs around the world and in many of the world's more hostile environments.
  • Global Support and Tracking
    AKE's Global Support, in conjunction with the AKE Crisis Response Centre (CRC), offers a unique service that allows access to a 24/7 security team, trained and experienced in hostile situations.
  • Security Reviews
    A solid foundation of risk mitigation and the monitoring of current, fluid situations are crucial when needing to focus on future planning.
  • Training
    AKE started its "Surviving Hostile Regions" (SHR) training courses for the media in 1991. Since that time these have become the benchmark pre-deployment training courses for many media, NGO, corporate and government personnel.
  • Intelligence
    AKE is a market leader in intelligence and risk forecasting.

Occupational & Preventive Health Care

(Available in the UK ONLY through Mayfair UK)

The Mayfair Group partners with Health Management UK, in order to ensure our clients mitigate and prevent health risks and fulfill duty of care obligations.

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The Mayfair Group partners with Health Management UK, in order to ensure our clients mitigate and prevent health risks and fulfill duty of care obligations. This focus on prevention rather than response is already in successful operation in the UK and Ireland, and Mayfair is in the process of replicating this in other geographical locations. The key aim of any occupational health service is to maintain and improve the health and well-being of the workforce, by raising awareness of both work-related and lifestyle health issues.

To this end, a typical wellness screening program covers the following key areas:

  • Wellness Screening Program
  • Tailored Wellness Events
  • Report and Dissemination of Information
  • Management Referrals
  • Trigger points can be customised to clients' requirements.

Pension Management Services

(Available in the UK ONLY through Mayfair UK)

Mayfair UK in partnership with Mayfair Partners also offers exclusive services in the area of assessing pension-related issues.

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Mayfair UK in partnership with Mayfair Partners also offers exclusive services in the area of assessing pension-related issues. These services are offered through Mayfair Partners (in conjunction with St. James Place Wealth Management), one of the most highly acclaimed wealth managers in the UK.

St James Place are authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority within the UK for the provision of advice on pensions and investments.

Some of the key service areas are listed below:

  • Salary-sacrifice arrangements that will provide cost-effective pension planning opportunities for employees whilst reducing employer National Insurance costs.
  • Pension arrangements enabling you to reap the rewards from the success of your business.
  • Trustee-based arrangements that offer a cost-effective solution for trustees to transfer the scheme liability to a new pension arrangement, thereby securing employee pension rights.
  • Stakeholder arrangements and group pension plans for your colleagues and employees, these are both an attractive recruitment tool as well as a justifiable business expense.
  • The ability to implement pensions that are transferable to the home country.

Advice Lines & Telephone Counseling

(Available in the UK ONLY through Mayfair UK)

Employee Assist is a no cost service to you, the Mayfair member. Its function is to help deal with a wide range of personal and work-related problems that may have an adverse affect on your well-being.

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The advice line is intended to offer help and reassurance on many important topics, including:

  • Health and lifestyle issues (smoking, weight loss, etc.)
  • Basic medical advice and symptom information
  • Pre-travel advice
  • Childcare
  • Details of local and national support groups.

We understand that there will also be times when people face problems that they might well find difficult to share with family or friends. Not discussing a problem and leaving it unresolved can often make it worse. Your 24-hour confidential telephone counselling service gives you access to a team of highly experienced and professionally trained counsellors. You will find the support given by a counsellor beneficial during what can be a difficult time, and you will be better able to consider all the options open to you. There is no limit to the number of calls you can make.

You may wish to seek support on various issues, some of which are listed below:

  • Stress
  • Bereavement or loss
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Anger management
  • Depression
  • Debt

How to use your Employee Assist service:

The advice and telephone counselling lines are available on 0800 294 5184, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When calling you should quote 'Mayfair'.